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Houston-based cookbook author and food writer.
Making Dough

Released: 2015.

Because that pie isn\’t going to bake itself.

Making Dough makes perfect sense out of the often-intimidating task of preparing homemade pastry dough. With helpful diagrams, easy-to-follow recipes, and step-by-step instructions for home cooks, every type of dough from puff pastry to short crust is demystified, deconstructed, and delicious.

Haute Dogs

Published 2014.

It is a book about hot dogs. Need I say more?

Ok fine. My publisher says, Haute Dogs gives the classic cookout staple a fresh and tasty twist, with recipes inspired by everything from south-of-the-border BBQ to Japanese fusion to modern food-cart cuisine. Handcraft your own top-notch dogs, buns, and condiments with step-by-step from-scratch instructions…

Chasing Delicious

Created 2010

Blogging from-scratch, all-natural cooking, baking, and cocktail recipes since 2010, before blogging was cool.

Seriously though. It is an award winning blog that has been featured in numerous publications including lifehacker, co. design, neatorama, daily what, and more.

About Russell

Blogger. Writer. Cookbook author. Food nerd. Lover of hot dogs.
Born and bred Texan. And a little too into food.

Born and raised in Texas, Russell van Kraayenburg may sit you down for a stern lecture if you confuse barbecue with grilling. As a baker at one of Houston's premier pastry shops, he can also tell you the difference between pate brisee and pate sucre.

His blog Chasing Delicious is a two-time nominee for Saveur Best Baking & Pastry Blog and winner for 2013 Saveur Best Cocktail Blog. His work has been featured in Redbook, Southern Living, Real Simple, and Men's Fitness Magazines and on Lifehacker, Co. Design, Business Insider, The Kitchn, Live Originally, Quipsologies, Explore, and Fine Cooking, among many other personal, cooking, design, and art blogs.

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